Divas with Dice

Divas with Dice is an Actual Play Podcast with four trans women that will travel to several different settings. The first campaign arc, The Silent Gods, takes place within the Voidwalkers setting and uses the Starfinder rules.

Trans Sister Radio: Broadcasting Everything Trans

Trans Sister Radio: Broadcasting Everything Trans is a podcast that explores the real-life stories of two trans women, Athena and Erin. Every week, they give advice based on their experiences and cover topics and questions they see frequently asked by new and questioning trans folk.

Into the Void

Into the Void is a Starfinder Actual Play Podcast set in the Voidwalkers setting. The first and current campaign arc, Rise of Nightmares, explores what happens when the heroes choose not to be heroes, and the consequences of their actions.





We are a network focused on sharing the unknown. In the real world, this means unique perspectives, such as the life and times of transgender women in Trans Sister Radio. And in the fantasy world, voyages through space in the galaxy of Into the Void, or any number of vast settings in Divas with Dice. We hope you'll join us on our journey through these unknowns, and share with us your stories, as we show you ours. That's the Story Thus Far, and we'll see you as all of our stories continue.